Follow Your True Path

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I hope that everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend and enjoyed some down time doing something you love! I had a pretty laid back weekend and it felt nice not to be overscheduled or overwhelmed (anxious person problems LOL).

I have been thinking a lot about my “true path” over the past few months. I started working for an integrative center while maintaining my private clients and trying to figure out what my career would end up looking like. As an over-analyzer and worrier (since as long as I can remember), I focused on what’s best, what’s most efficient, and what lights me up the most inside. I think it is safe to say that I still focus on all of this stuff. It is a curse and a blessing to work for yourself and definitely hard for an “anxious-type” of person since your income, future clientele, and destiny are all very unknown. I deliberate this all the time, but then decide that compromising for a stable 8-5 hourly job, where I am not using my creative gifts, would leave me very depressed and blocked.

When so much time is spent deliberating and worrying about where we should be, and what we should be doing, it takes us WAY out of the present moment and into the monkey mind. This is how yoga saves the day,again! Be present. This is a lesson that takes constant practice and reminder with such an over-stimulating culture and society, where I could order a pizza in 10-minutes from my phone, or take a conference call, order a pizza, and edit a draft all at the same time. That makes me tired just writing that out! No wonder we are always caught in our monkey minds! There’s so much to focus on. It is up to us to re-center and quiet the mind and this DOES take effort, but it is worth it.

forward fold seated


We are all always on a path. Decisions, obstacles, and challenges present themselves and we always have a choice to make. “Do I go left or right? Do I climb the hill or go over the bridge? Do I pursue this career goal and not the other? Do I get a new car or pay off more loans?”


Our paths are full of decisions, twists and turns, ups and downs. We can find some ounce of control over these directions we are going by being present. It sounds silly, but just being aware of your higher self through day-to-day interactions will help you make the best decisions possible. When we trust our inner-self and our intuition, we can navigate much more smoothly and confidently down the path (see my last blog post about sharpening your intuition).

true path


I went out for a run today and there was a long, windy trail in front of me (incidentally, I get inspired a lot on runs). To motivate myself with tired legs forward I told myself, “this is my path and I am in control.” I ran the windy trail feeling much more energized. Of course, we can’t control everything that pops into our path, but we can think of these things as obstacles or challenges that we must decipher how to best get around. If you feel out of control of your path, or not even on a path at all, here are some helpful tips to recenter and feel inspired by your direction in life:



  • Journal at the beginning or end of each week. Ask yourself, “what do I want to accomplish this week?” Once you have three or four ideas, ask yourself, “what is the underlying virtue or intention that will help guide me?” For example, if you are trying to clean out closets and find a new job, maybe your intention will be “more focus”, or “concentration on tasks”.
  • After you Journal, use your intention each day when you wake up and when you feel off track. For example, if the intention was “focus,” you could start your day with a short meditation, focusing on the breath and the third eye to promote more focus in your day. When you have a stressful moment during the day, you can take a deep breath and take your attention back to that intention to remind yourself where your energy needs to go.
  • Try meditating each day. Start with just one-minute if you are a beginner. Meditation will calm the waves of the mind and bring you closer to the answers you are looking for, after all, these answers are within you.
  • Take time in your daily routine to let your brain do nothing. Actually set a time of day and give yourself permission to just focus on that daily task and not let your mind rule the task. For example, you could dedicate a tedious task like dish-washing, or laundry to become a “mindful” time, where you totally zone in on your breath and just focus on washing or folding. When thoughts pop into your head, you give yourself a verbal cue, like, “not now,” and take your focus back to the task.




We are all on this earth searching for the best route possible, the one with the most joy and the least amount of pain and resistance. Take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Being present and aware in your day-to-day life gives you so much more power over your path and your destiny. When you tune in to your inner self throughout the week, by quieting the mind, you can better hear the messages that are already there guiding you along.


I frequently still catch myself down a rabbit hole some days of “what if I…” and I just try to take a deep breath in, exhale out the fear that is attached to the uncertainty and just embrace what is already in my life. 

the only way out is in


Follow your path mindfully and be inspired by it! You are capable of amazing things. Just remember: “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” -unknown

timber on weeds

(Pictured above is my yoga dog and spirit animal, Timber-out on his path looking for spirit animals HAHA!)

What will you try this week to deepen your spiritual practice or overcome fear of uncertainty? I would love to hear!


Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer! If you are local, check out my yoga therapy offerings at The Wellness Connection by visiting my facebook page, EMpower Yoga Therapy. You can also keep up with my events and blogs, even if you don’t live close. I would love to meet you!


Stay grounded, my loves.


Yours in yoga,


Maddie Tuohy