Wake up and Feel the Love

Greetings to all my readers! Welcome back to the Running Mind Blog. Today’s post has lots of good content in it and I am excited to share with you all! After all, this week we will celebrate Valentine’s Day and I am all about sharing the love via this blog.

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For those of you who follow me on social media (@EMpower_Yoga_Therapy), you may have noticed I did a 2-week social media cleanse. I try to do this type of “cleanse” once a season. It is very beneficial for a lot of reasons and even MORE beneficial if you suffer from anxiety. Here is why it is worth it to give up the instagram scrolling, even if only temporarily:

  • Decreases in screen time have been shown to improve sleep

  • Build more awareness by not having your head in your phone so frequently

  • The nerves in the eyes get a nice break

  • Less worrying what others think and what others are doing

  • Less comparing of one self to the rest of the digital world

  • Improves posture

  • Frees up time to do other tasks

  • More focus on personal, human contact

The benefits of taking a break from screens & social media go on and on, and on. I want to start off by saying that I am not dissing social media, I think it can be a wonderful tool when used in moderation and for the right reasons. Just like with anything else, too much of one thing becomes toxic or stressful on the body/mind. I personally practice lots of yoga and mindfulness, and so I am very aware of what is happening to my brain when I overuse social media. I sometimes feel crappy while I am endlessly and dully scrolling through my feed. I notice I have neck pains and that I am cranky and I realize I am becoming so disconnected from my higher self as I examine all of these other photos and experiences of other people/companies, etc.

I once heard on a wellness podcast I was listening to that if someone’s post makes you feel crappy, that you should unfollow them. I agree, but we also need to analyze what it is about the post that make us feel those yucky feelings. Maybe it’s an old friend you don’t keep in touch with showing off her new designer shoes, or a guy with an 8 pack, and suddenly you feel crappy about your body. Whatever the case may be, understand what the core belief is beneath the unsettling emotions. For example, if I am comparing bodies with someone, the core belief may be that I do not feel that I am enough, and therefore it strikes that shame deep in my gut. This means that people who use Instagram and Facebook multiple times a day, may feel these unfavorable emotions throughout their day! And that my friends, is no way to live!

Social media can therefore be a window into some of our unhealthy patterns and beliefs that are placing shadows over our daily lives. If you can discover what the core belief is, you can begin to challenge and change it over time.


I was reading an excerpt from a fabulous book called Awareness, by Anthony de Mello and I really felt chills as I read it. He talks about how until people find spirituality, they are basically asleep and a lot of our society is going through life asleep. Waking up with their alarm, pouring the coffee, going to the office all day, getting onto social media to make the hours more bearable, driving home, going back to bed…you get the idea. I don’t think that everyone lives this way, but I think sometimes, a lot of us get so wrapped up in the chaos and the demands of our own lives, that we start going into a bit of autopilot. I think that social media, to an extent, keeps us “asleep.” When you are scrolling and scrolling and looking at these edited windows into people’s lives, you aren’t in the real world, experiencing and being. You are just witnessing through a screen.


If you feel like you may relate to some of this dull energy around social media, or with your routine in general, you may wonder, “how do I wake up?” It is so simple. Everyone is always selling some complicated diet or lifestyle plan, but to wake up is to just start noticing life around you. Go for a walk and leave the phone at home. Notice the scents in the air, the texture in the trees. Have a conversation with someone at work and look into their eyes, listen, really listen to what they say. Of course, to take this even further, here are some other tips on how to “awaken”:

  • Meditate, even if it’s only 2 minutes. Listen to your breath and notice where it moves in your body. When thoughts come up, notice them, and then direct the attention back to the breath.

  • Journal about your day, your goals, hopes and dreams, and thank the universe for the meaningful or joyful parts of your day. When we constantly work towards something, we feel more of a sense of purpose which is shown to create joy.

  • Make meaningful connections. Hold someone’s hand, spend time with someone doing something so simple and just listen and connect.

  • Discover your own greatness by taking time each day to quiet your thoughts in some way (see bullets above)

  • Take care of yourself. You matter.

I’ve learned all of this the hard way growing up with mental illness. It is SO easy for me to fall into an illusion and start to suffer. I actively choose to do my self care routine every day because I know it keeps me balanced and nourished. “I don’t have time,” just isn’t an excuse. You find a way because you matter.

I did not want to re-download Instagram this week. I did so with intentions on deleting my personal account and just keeping my business account, which is all about de-stressing! I plan to put more limits on it and see how it goes, and I invite you to assess your routines with social media and do the same! Let me know if any of you decide to take the 2-week challenge, I would love to hear how it goes!

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In honor of Valentine’s Day being this week, here are some lovely self-love, self care suggestions:

  • Take a bubble bath and play “Bathtub” playlist on Spotify. Add Epsom salts or essential oils to make it extra lovely.

  • Do a heart chakra yoga practice. Try this one on youtube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=odIkn2bal2Y

  • Spend time with a loved one and make meaningful connections. Try looking into their eyes and listen to every word they say. It becomes a mindfulness exercise!

  • Get a massage or ask a loved one for one if you want to save $$. Groupon has some great spa/massage deals !

  • Take time to listen to what your body is telling you and remember that YOU ARE LOVE

“Practice love until you remember that you are love” ~Swami Sai Premanandra

Until next time! With love from my heart to yours,

Maddie Tuohy

Owner & Creator of EMpower Yoga Therapy & Wellness Services