Spring Intentions: time to bloom

Welcome back to all my readers! I hope everyone enjoyed the Warrior Project 2017… more to come on that in a few months! This month I want to focus on setting new intentions for the new season. Coming out of a cold winter and into a bright Spring (at least thats the case in Philadelphia ;))

Spring has Sprung! The flowers have bloomed, the sun is shining, and every thing immediately feels a little better. The temperatures haven’t dropped below sixty degrees in Philadelphia for a few days. I wonder to myself, how come the weather has such an effect on my mood and activity level? I know it isn’t very yogi of me to be attached to changing weather, yet I find myself feeling all of this relief and nourishment with the recent few days of great weather. It has been a rough month, so it feels like light at the end of a dark tunnel.


(Pictured above: walking with Lace and Timber on the river walk this week)

Over a month ago I got into a car accident and suffered a concussion. Four days after my accident, my fiancé tore his ACL & MCL playing basketball. We have been taking care of each other and it has not been easy. I think it has been great practice for marriage! My concussion lasted around 40 days and as tedious and frustrating as it was, it was such a learning experience. I am such a “go go go” type of gal, always on foot, doing too many things at once. Yoga has helped me with this, but I realized I still have a ways to go. It was almost impossible for me to surrender to resting in a dark room for weeks (or at least felt that way). All I could think about was my body decaying and softening as I lay for hours. Through my injury and taking care of my wounded lover, I learned I had some work to do. The experience helped me realize I need to work on patience, self-love, and letting things go.

The shift in seasons is a wonderful opportunity to edit intentions and goals and create new ones. It makes it more fun and meaningful to start with a fresh slate. I spent a lot of time on my yoga mat during the last half of my concussion. I mainly laid on it and practiced deep breathing, meditating, and gentle stretches. I figured my brain would at least benefit from the quiet. Here is where I began formulating my new intentions. For spring, I want to be much more compassionate with myself, so that I can properly care for Mike after his surgery. I want to be more patient and take more time to do simple things like eat my lunch. Lastly, I want to let go of things that happen and be more present. This is a lot for one intention, but it can be simplified so that it fits into daily life.

The formula for good intentions: Pinpoint what it is you want to work on and then make it more specific.

Example: of a pinpoint: “I want to work on being more patient with Mike and others and I want to stop doing negative self-talk.

Narrowing it down: I want to be more patient and compassionate with my self and others. Try and keep the intention in the present tense, like “I am enough” versus “I will love myself.”

Once you have formulated an intention, or at least narrowed it down to a sentence, you can begin taking it a step further by thinking of things you could do/not do, to strengthen the intention. For example, for my intention of self love and patience, I decided to meditate a little longer each day and make sure to do a down regulating activity before bed (deep breathing, meditation, reading, journaling, etc.). By adding in these smaller goals, I am slowing myself down more and bringing awareness into my daily life, which helps me, focus on my intention. These smaller goals could be as small as eating one less cookie a week, or as big as mediating for 20 minutes every day. Each person is different, and you want to make sure your goals are reasonable for your lifestyle. It may not be smart to opt to meditate 30 minutes per day or take sugar completely out of your diet if you’ve never tried it. For more guidance on how to formulate SMART goals, check out the following link.


Make yourself accountable for the new intention and goal(s) you have created by recording them in a journal and tell a loved one about them if you’d like. Sometimes, talking about them with others inspires us more and holds us more accountable. Spring is such a symbolic time to set new goals. Imagine you are planting the seed of intention and now you can watch it bloom all spring! Just thinking about what you want to work on is a great first step. Being able to identify what it is that is causing your stress and anxiety in your life can be the hardest part of the process. Take time to do this and be open.



During my concussion time, I got so caught up in my own head. I was so worried about silly things. I whined every single day to my poor cripple fiancé about how I couldn’t run or do cardio. I feared looking out of shape as fitness professional after a month of low activity. Meanwhile, my fiancé will not be able to run for months. I was able to intervene during this self-loathing process because I have built up that awareness in my yoga practice. I was given the tools over years of therapy and yoga courses, to understand what needed to be done here. I sat down on my yoga mat and I closed my eyes. I breathed and I found that unchanging part of myself that reminds me each time, “this too shall pass.”

I am sitting in the waiting room of the Jefferson Surgical Center now writing this blog as my fiancé lies under heavy anesthesia in an operating room where he is having a full reconstruction of his ACL. Last night was a full moon and the new moon will bring new hope, love joy and laughter. We are stronger together each day.


I invite everyone to take time this month to formulate a spring intention and then watch it bloom like wildflowers. Know that everything you hope to be is already within you.


within you.jpg

Happy blooming, friends! Please feel free to comment below what your Spring intentions are. All additional comments/questions/inquiries can be sent to flowwithmaddie@gmail.com.


Sending love,



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