Welcome back dear friends, to the Running Mind Blog. Today I will be talking about a movement that I started and I invite each and every one of you to join it. You don’t have to physically sign up or pull your wallet out; you simply take action in your own life. More to follow below!

So, what is the Warrior Movement of 2017 you might ask? Great question. The Warrior Movement is an inspiring opportunity to be present in your own body and feel your inner and outer strength, and then apply it to all aspects of your life. If this still isn’t making sense, do not worry! I have so much more to share with you.

There are various warrior asanas (poses) in the practice of yoga, to name a few: Warrior I, II, III, humble warrior, revolved warrior, etc. They may all be different poses anatomically, but they are each very powerful poses that activate the upper chakras and bring feelings of strength and courage. When we think about the archetype of a warrior, strength, power, and courage come to mind, so it makes sense that we feel this way in the warrior poses. If you think about it, the legs and feet are grounded and stable to hold the upper body up, but the face remains calm and the mind is still while the body breathes. To me, this is the essence of a warrior pose: having a strong, powerful physical body, while remaining at total peace in the mind. Of course, this may not be the result each day, but if we focus on this a bit more in our warrior poses, we can begin to cultivate this peaceful mind, strong body connection.

I invite you to get into a warrior pose after you read this post so that you can really feel what I am talking about. Let’s go ahead and try Warrior II. Pointing the left foot forward and lining the back foot up so that the front heel points toward the center of the back, flat, foot. Bend into the front leg and let the hands come out on either side, gazing over the front middle finger. Press your feet into the ground and feel the strength in your legs and notice how they are working to hold your whole body. Notice any thoughts going through your mind and then re-focus the attention on breathing into your body, inhaling and exhaling. Hold this pose for a minute or two and then notice how you feel afterwards.


We have so much strength within us and sometimes we forget. We can hold ourselves up in space for long periods of time and support ourselves. Once you learn to relax in a pose like Warrior II, the benefits will be even greater, as the mind is at ease. Once you learn to support and inspire yourself in a pose, it becomes easier to begin doing so off the mat.

So, what is the Warrior Project 2017? It is an experience that I invite each and every one of you to take. I invite you to cultivate the warrior in each aspect of your life. Feeling strong, secure, confident, and stable, with a clear mind, you can conquer the world. I am not saying that you should jump into a warrior II pose when your boss is yelling at you, that would probably be weird. Rather, I am saying that you can cultivate the feelings and strength of the warrior to get through the hard times in your life and learn to find acceptance.

warrior guy.jpeg

I will share a personal note to better illustrate this project. I have recently switched career tracks from federal government, to health and wellness. There are times where I question whether or not I made the right choice. This is usually because of financial reasons or difficulty building up a clientele. When I get in a warrior pose, I am reminded of the incredible strength of my physical body, but more importantly, the strength of my mind. I have overcome so much in the past few years, so taking a warrior stance re-centers me and reminds me that I am in the right place and have everything I need to succeed. I have myself, and that has always been enough.


Another example of how I use the Warrior Project in my daily life is any time I feel tired or unable to get through a day, I simply remind myself that I am a warrior and I will get through the day with the strength that I have. Each person will have a different experience/ way of bringing the Warrior Project to life, but I invite you to join me in activating our inner warriors. After all, we could use more warriors in the world these days. Get inspired and inspire yourself!

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May the force and love of the warrior be with you all.


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