Accepting Change and Transitioning with Ease

Welcome back to the Running Mind Blog! 🙂

It has been far too long since my last post, and while I could rattle off excuses for being MIA for the past few months, I would rather just welcome everyone back with open arms!

I wanted to talk about change and transition for a number of reasons. The main reason is that change is always occurring around us, and it’s important to realize this and accept the changes, instead of resisting them. The seasons are changing now from summer to fall, and if you are living in a part of the world where the weather is drastically changing, you know how apparent these changes are. For those of you living in the USA, we just found out our President will be changing, change is all around us big and small. It is up to us to determine how comfortable we want to be with change. We can choose to accept change or we can choose to resist it.

I used to resist these types of changes, and still find myself trying to fight them sometimes. When the weather starts to get cold, I moan and groan to get on my bike and bike to work. When my period comes, I whine and complain about my sore boobs and lack of energy. And when things get tough at work, I feel bad for myself and crave more down time. One of the biggest changes I regularly find myself resisting is changes in my body. If I gain a few pounds, I will harp on it for days. If my head is hurting from the sharp weather change I will focus on it. I always seem to be suffering while changes are happening. But one day, in one of my yoga seminars, we learned that things are always changing, and the sooner we can begin to accept those changes, the sooner we can release our suffering.

The crazy part is it took me until this year to learn that change doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. We spent some time covering the topic of change in my yoga training, and I really began to work on seeing it in a new light. The truth is change is continuously happening each second, even millisecond, and it is a huge part of life. The earth is turning slowly every day, and nothing remains the same. I began to focus on the concept of acceptance. When the freezing morning air blew up my sleeves in the morning on the bike ride to work, I chose to accept that I would be cold for the next twenty-five minutes. When my boobs got sore and I felt depleted of energy, I chose to accept it and offer myself more self-care that week. When I took a second job and realized I had less time to chill out, I chose to accept it and focus on the excitement of a new job! Acceptance seems so simple, but cultivating it can make profound differences in your day and in your life. A very useful exercise can be to remember and honor the parts of yourself that are unchanging, and identify with those, rather than the changing parts. For example, I choose to focus on my eagerness to serve others, and let go of the fact that I may have gained a few pounds.


One year from today I was struggling to walk up stairs and complete basic tasks. I was overwhelmed by my racing mind and as a result was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I think about all the changes that have occurred since then and I feel very grateful, and so so inspired. Since those days of feeling depleted on a daily basis, I have moved to a new city, began training in a yoga school, and became a Personal Trainer and yoga teacher. I adopted a rescue puppy, strengthened my relationship with my partner, and found a place in the community. All of these changes took time and patience, but one of the most powerful changes I made was learning acceptance and releasing suffering.  Lets be honest, life is just a lot better when we aren’t suffering!

I encourage everyone to take time to notice the changes happening in your life, and to embrace them. We are always evolving and changing, that is the beauty of it!

Be kind to yourselves in these months of transition!



Peace and love,