Good day fellow busy brains,

Today I am stuck at home and “snowed in,” again! I am treating today, exactly like I described in my last post, as a relaxing day. It is all about consistency, and re-training those anxious thoughts. Speaking of anxious thoughts, does anyone get anxious about being anxious? Most recently I have experienced some new fears and wanted to talk about them today, these are the fears of falling back into your old ways.

For me personally, I experience these fears quite often, due to my very recent recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and unusually bad anxiety. I also had a very stressful move a few weeks ago and was really worried that I would become fatigued again. Whenever I feel a little moody or a little extra tired, a light bulb goes on in my head and I startle. Some frequent questions that go through my mind are, “Am I getting bad anxiety again? Am I fatigued? These questions are usually followed by negative statements: “All the hard work I did was for nothing. I am a failure.”

Negative tracking or negative self talk, in my opinion, can become one of the biggest obstacles of anxiety. It is important to counter these thoughts when they arise, to avoid falling deeper down into a negative ditch. It was helpful for me to learn what triggers the self-talk, or the fear. So, take a moment (and even a piece of paper) and think about what your anxiety trigger points are. For me, being tired, missing a workout, or being off of my schedule can trigger this type of self-talk. Once I realized this, I was able to stop myself in the moment and say “hey, I just didn’t get my 8 hours of sleep last night and that is why I am groggy, but that does not mean I am becoming fatigued again. Tonight I will get good sleep and get back on track.”

This seems very easy, but can be extremely challenging when you are experiencing anxiety, that is why I recommend taking time to list out what your triggers are, and alongside each, how to counter your self-talk to each trigger. Telling myself I am just tired and need to focus on getting good sleep is an example of counter talk. It lets you know that it’s really going to be okay and that you are not your anxiety. the beauty of counter talk, is the more you use it, the less negativity you will experience in your thoughts. It really is a great tool to re-train your thoughts and is used frequently in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Make sure you are consistent with it, and you will see a difference!

Life is too short to fear being anxious. Put those fears on trial and figure out what your triggers are!

Let me know if this exercise was helpful 🙂



YogaInspiration posted this awesome quote on Instagram, I think it’s my new motto 🙂